Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Acer Aspire One - System Rescue - USB Stick

After my System Rescue Disc, that was delievered with my new Acer Aspire One, just did not want to work, I searched the web for a usb-stick image and a possibility to install the system from scratch without a cd!
For my solution you need a running GNU/Linux system, a usb stick (at least 2GB) and the usb-image.

Where to find an image:

or look for a torrent:

Once you've downloaded the image, plug-in the usb stick, open a terminal and go root by typing 'su'.

In the Folder where the image is, type:
'zcat aa1_usb_recovery_image.gz > /dev/sda'

In my case the usb stick is 'sda', to find out what's in your computer, type fdisk -l.

And voilĂ  your bootable usb recovery stick is done!

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